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Книга Primitive Skills And Crafts. Жанр - Справочная литература - Руководства

"I am not alone in believing that if it is at all possible to bring sanity back to our civilization, it must be accomplished through an awareness of who we are and what we should be about. It must be accomplished by returning to our beginnings and connecting to one another for strength and support. . .I am not naive enough to expect that we will return to a Garden of Eden where there is no malice or conflict. That has always and will always exist. Nor is it possible in this busy age of computers and high finance to leave everything familiar and move to an isolated nook, as much as we would like to do so. But I do believe that if we re-learn the skills of our ancient past, and by doing so become reunited with our natural world and natural selves, we may be able to rescue humanity--not civilization, but humanity." from Primitive Skills and Crafts.

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